Reselling Spamexperts

Reseller/Distributor Agreement

Our General Terms & Conditions specify that reselling of our services is not allowed without written approval. In case you are interested in reselling our services, please contact to receive our Reseller/Distributor agreement. We offer highly competitive Pay-As-You-Go domain-based reseller options with one of the highest margins on email-security in the market!

Reselling with a bulk-license for Webhosts / ISPs

If you currently have a domain-based bulk (package) license for webhosts or ISPs, you are not allowed to resell the solutions to end-clients. The bulk-licenses are primarily intended to bulk-protect entire (webhosting/ ISP) infrastructures, with all domains/ users included.

As valued partners, we understand that you may want to offset some of your investments through reselling to (a subset of) your clients or third-parties. Although that's not allowed with our bulk-licenses, please contact us with your reselling plan so we can evaluate it, by sending a short email to It's important to us that such offering does not conflict with our existing reseller/distributor partner model and pricing, however to keep things simple we like to take a flexible approach where possible. We appreciate your understanding in the matter and look forward hearing from you!