Make Business Email Safe, Available, and Resilient

Attract new business

Maximize value for end clients and differentiate your offering to attract new clients. Focus sales efforts on your flagship high-margin email services while bundling email security with your offering.

Email protection

Add a protective layer to your email flow with incoming and outgoing filtering as well as email archiving solutions. Our software is designed to actively prevent spam, virus, phishing, and malware from reaching your inbox.

Empower users to manage their email flows

The system provides a multilingual, user-friendly interface with multilevel access (super admin, admin, reseller, domain, email-address level). Users get real-time visibility into threats, via a live quarantine with view, release, remove, blacklist, block, or whitelist message options. 

Email storage and backup

Make sure your incoming and outgoing emails are safely stored in a location of choice (Global, US, EU, UK, Australia, and Canada).

Email service integration

Solutions can be seamlessly added to your email infrastructure by offering free integration with most webmail platforms. Adding an extra layer of security to services like Microsoft Office 365 and GSuite helps ensure an additional layer of transparency and control over email flows and filtering.

Full branding options

Offer fully white-labeled email security to your end clients by branding and customizing the product offering to best fit their needs.